Design products in Cork

Design products in cork

Due to the appearance of the cork, it is ideal both in spaces of natural or rustic style and modern spaces that look for the combination of original and ecological materials.

Barnacork, S.L. offers the possibility of manufacturing your design in cork. Contact us to know the price and viability of your project.
Using cork in your design, you will obtain an original, natural, ecological and sustainable result.
To obtain the best results we have first quality raw material and last generation technology, which together with the experience acquired over these years, allows us to offer our customers products and services of the highest quality.


Tables and stools made with agglomerated natural cork or varnished cork.
Manufactured in natural cork or expanded cork agglomerate. The high density of the cork used together with the appropriate granulometris give it an exceptional hardness and strength.

Decoration objects

Due to its earthy and rustic appearance, cork is increasingly present in our homes. It offers the home an original and natural environment.

Lamps, kitchem complements, stools, etc.

Letter for exhibitions

More resistant and durable than polystyrene, you can paint them or leave them in their natural aspect giving an image of originality.

Have you thought about putting cork in your design?

Contact us to know the
price and viability of your project.