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Due to the appearance of the cork, it is ideal both in spaces of natural or rustic style and modern spaces that look for the combination of original and ecological materials in your products.
Due to the appearance of the cork, it is ideal both in spaces of natural or rustic style and modern spaces that look for the combination of original and ecological materials.
Barnacork, S.L. offers the possibility of manufacturing your design in cork.
Some of our areas of expertise: Cork Supply , Layer Pad , Cork Export , Custom Cork Pieces,Cork Separators , Layer Pad , Cork Material , Cork Exporters
Cork is an extraordinary material, with unique properties. It is a completely natural, renewable and biodegradable product. Therefore, its production does not produce any contamination or damage to the ecosystem from which it is extracted, since it is obtained by barking the cork oak, without cutting any trees and that ?harvest? is carried out every 9 to 12 years.
Given the disparity of sectors where cork is present, either as a final product or associated with a productive activity, important differences are present both in the production and in the commercialization of the products. BARNACORK S.L. was created with the aim of perfecting all its business processes to the particular needs of each sector, with the aim of improving and adapting our products and services to the requirements of our customers.
We are open to export and doing well in this sector. Please contact us for any project you have in the cork arena. We are willing to help your project succeed.

Manufacturing custom cork pieces

We offer you the possibility of manufacturing cork pieces of special shapes and sizes.

Barnacork, S.L. combines the experience of more than 60 years of traditional cork handling with the most advanced technology.

Special boxes

Cork boxes ideal as containers for products that need to be kept cold or that do not affect the outside temperature. They are used mainly in pastry, for the presentation of truffle, chocolates, wine and liquorsk hams, jewelry, etc.

Possibility of screen printing and engravings.Special sizes according to quantity.

Ecological Products
Ecological Products

Geometric figures

Geometrical figures of agglomerated natural cork.
Applied in design, shop windows and various manual works.


NAUTICORK® is a technologically advanced product of high quality that combines the better properties of rubber and natural cork.

The NAUTICORK® anti-slip cork is mainly applied on the roofs of the boats.
Combining natural cork granules and nitrile rubber, we have produced a high resistance and completely non-slip floor covering, ideal for application on exterior and interior decks of any type of boat, as well as on any situation where a non-slip material resistant to weathering, the humidity and marine environments is required.

Ecological Products
Ecological Products

Industrial joints

Manufacture of Joints for industrial applications.

Barnacork has more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of gaskets for industrial applications.

We are specialized in the transformation of materials through cutting processes and cutting half cut.

Our main value is to know the business of our clients. This knowledge allows us to adapt our production processes to their needs and demands.

Our work philosophy is based on collaboration with our clients. This collaboration, especially if carried out in the initial phases of a project, facilitates the automation of the processes and entails a considerable saving in productive costs.

To obtain the best results we have first quality raw material and last generation technology, which together with the experience acquired over these years, allows us to offer our customers products and services of the highest quality.

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